Depuis toute petite, j’ai toujours aimé les activités artistiques : peinture, dessin, musique… C’est en 2009 à l’occasion d’une année d’échange universitaire en Californie, que je me découvre une réelle passion : la photographie. Depuis, j’essaye d’amener mes modèles – petits et grands – dans mon univers bucolique, doux et romantique. La nature est pour moi le plus beau des décors, celui qui vous met le plus en valeur !

Ma façon de travailler consiste en un mélange de naturel et spontanéité, auquel j’apport une vision esthétique et harmonieuse. J’aime les images lumineuses et ensoleillées.

Je serais ravie d’immortaliser vos moments de bonheur !


Hi, it’s me, Maïlys! I’m happy you found your way here!

I’m a wedding & portrait photographer based near Geneva, Switzerland, where I live with my boyfriend, our two adorable furry friends Bettina (the Boxer) & Doufy (the King Charles Spaniel), and our two rescued hens, Frida & Gigi. As you can guess, I really like animals (I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years now!).

As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved art and craft activities. I fell in love with photography in 2010, during an exchange student program abroad, in Long Beach, California. Fond of foreign languages, I pursued translation studies and graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Geneva, before realizing that working in front of a computer all day long was not for me. In fact, I much preferred to be outside in fields of poppies & creating memories for lovely people! And that’s how it all really started.

I have been offering photo sessions & shooting weddings for about 4 years now and I couldn’t imagine doing something else. It gives me the opportunity to connect with incredible people. Love connections and nature are what inspires me the most. I’m a romantic at heart, an idealist… and chasing beautiful light is my thing.

I can’t wait to meet YOU!