We love meeting amazing new people and hearing stories of love so cinematographic as Julie and Daniel’s. In 2016, Daniel contacted us because he wanted to make a surprise proposal to Julie and he had a wonderful story to share: after watching the movie P.S. I Love You, Julie had decided to visit Ireland, where she met Daniel. A mutual friend had arranged for them to meet at the same birthday dinner in Dublin and what do you know? Sparks flew! A year and a half later, Daniel surprised Julie in California and asked her to become his girlfriend. She accepted and moved to Dublin so they could be together. We couldn’t resist. We jetted off to Annecy to capture the uber romantic proposal you can see here, and we bonded right from the start! We were of course absolutely thrilled to be asked to photograph their wedding!!! About 40 minutes away from Dublin, we arrived in Wicklow earlier this year, to find ourselves surrounded by ancient woodlands, lush pastures and dome-shaped mountains as far as the eye could reach. The 16th century old Kippure estate opened its arms and our creative cells started to tickle!!! The wedding day was truly a unique experience!!! Everything came perfectly together as Julie, Daniel and all of their guests were so filled with endless, positive energy. From their high spirited preparations, to their wood-carved reception prompt reading “feel free to take a seat anywhere, your real place is on the dance floor”, and from the incredibly emotional moments where tradition and faith met romance, to their bravery in venturing to the heart of Wicklow mountains the next morning, everything spelled love, adventure, and completely taking in life’s happiness! We had such a great time capturing each delicious detail of their love story and we are thankful to have been part of it!

Go maire tú an lá Julie and Daniel !!!