J & B | Saint-Tropez, France


Sometimes one view is just enough for a love story to evolve, the case in point being the sweet-life cradle of Saint-Tropez. You've probably heard the story of how BB (aka Brigitte Bardot) brought the world's jet-setting scene to its knees when filming Et Dieu Créa la Femme (And God Created Woman, adding mythical proportions to St. Tropez' quaint charm and laid-back feels. And, speaking of knees, when B got one knee to ask J to marriage he knew her heart would flutter for a wedding at the Côte d'Azur as J used to spend a lot of her childhood summers at the French Riviera. 

Nowhere does the term little fishing village around the world feel more inviting than Saint-Tropez, with yachts jostling for a place in the harbor, and the well-heeled cram for a tarte tropezienne in its alleys. As the first hints of peach facades and gorgeous gardens of the iconic Chanel purveyor on Avenue Général Leclerc invite you to its maze of streets, you know you need never cross the same cobbled path twice. 

Bursting with Provençal appeal and peppered with unrivaled distractions our walk with the two lovebirds from the U.S. took us to unpretentious little strolls around town, from the delightful plage de La Glaye fronting the oldest part of the town where weddings often take place, up to Place des Remparts where the famed Bloomy's of Saint-Tropez always stages a unique floral display scene, and back over at place des Lices, where the open bazaar for weaved baskets, hats, and St.Tropez goodness comes live on Saturdays. 

Now we may not have encountered Bono, the U2 frontman whose sightings in Saint-Tropez are way common as he owns mansion at the nearby Eze-sur-Mer, but we did get to saunter among picture-perfect nooks and snap some truly romantic portraits of J and B beside the glittering sea. Now if you feel you need more French Riviera pretty, head to our next post, J & B's wedding in Cannes and find out why marching to the beat of your own drum makes Côte d'Azur almost impossible not to fall in love with it.