What we like the most about weddings is the excitement & joy we are given to witness. We believe every wedding is unique and we always see a wedding with fresh eyes. We work together to capture your very special day in every aspect: your emotions, but also the tiny details that are just as important to illustrate your day, and remind you ‘how it felt’.

Our experience enables us to anticipate things, and we are always happy to give you our input on how to get the best light and arrange things to make them glow. We have a keen eye for detail and composition and our work is to create beautiful & timeless images.

Nonetheless, we like to photograph the wedding day as a photo reportage, and we pretty much never interfere once the day has started and tell your story as the day unfolds, unobtrusively.

More than a job – it is our passion. When we work on a wedding, we don’t see ourselves as vendors but more as friends; we love what we do and give all the energy we have to capture the magic of your day. We know how important these photos will be to you & your family and we feel so much involved that we photograph your wedding as if it were our own.