Fluttering hearts in the delight of moments: romance, toasts of bubbly, vermeil lights, dances of grace, and impeccable style; photography shines light on thrilling love stories.

We have spent the past 5 years documenting exceptional brides and grooms such as yourselves, capturing how a big-day unfolds and reveals itself.

We’re proud to say each of our destination weddings epitomizes the power of union, accompanied by evocative stories of people and places. From an eco-lodge on the far-hung Vietnam to sun-soaked villa in Tuscany, and from the moss-roofed rockies of the Alps, to Paris, and the pastel wonderment of the French Riviera, it is an honor to create authentic stories for our journeying couples, working devotedly, balancing emotion with reassurance, curation with sincerity, gestures with spirit.

Luminous at dawn and dusk, where cultures mingle and exquisite colors prevail, one of our secrets is time, and time is a treasure. We’ve learned to take time with our clients, understand their vision,  and craft images not as a fine day’s aide-mémoire, but a collection to remind each bride, groom, and family that they come with a beautiful heritage.


Maïlys could be seen wallowing under the stars (or scudding clouds) in a South of France garden, riding a pinky-white beach cruiser through LA to buy groceries at Whole Foods, sitting excited to dine al fresco, her signature-style, pinup  black-lined eyes peeking at you behind the sweets-menu.  Be it her Paris, California, Geneva or Dublin cultivated aesthetics evident in her experienced take on weddings, she has a maze of stories  to tell about vintage collections, golden-hour summer sauntering, and adventures in LaLaLand, only to be surpassed by the beauty of the stories we have been photographing together.

The images Maïlys creates carry a constant feel of modern romance, spontaneous idealism and love for everything curated to perfection. In fact, there is hardly a moment she will leave to chance, even when the world around seems to slow down, her keen eye for detail is still spot on. Couture and culture are elements our clients always sense through her lens, and as much as she loves the bigger picture she’s also got a thing for the language of materials, textures and individual style each of our couples carries. The love vibes emanating from each wedding, the first glances exchanged when families congratulate each other, the words each partner shares, or the moments their feet step onto the aisle are all her favorites and there is nothing to convince her otherwise.



Not every emotion has a home, some even do not have names… But then there are Greg’s images and they all have movement or instill it. One would say this is only natural to a visual arts Swiss College graduate, a Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève dancer, performing all around the world from Brazil to Australia, from NY to Russia and Delphi Stadium. This is partly true, as Gregory shared creative moments with some of the greatest choreographers, artists and visual creatives for over 20 years before he established his photography studio in 2010. That was, after all, where he perfected his photography, capturing the beauty of shapes, lines, feelings expressed through action and non-action.

His work with natural light is what our brides and grooms love, and an elegant couple can change the weather of his spirit. Patient, methodical and precise he creates visuals of softness and delicacy and our reportage-loving clients love his images for their verve and fashion vibe. A constant traveler and an avid connoisseur of the good life, he instantly creates a bond with people and manages to evoke the pulsating rhythm of their celebration. Greg’s fluid professionalism and deep devotion to creating a genuine and fulfilling experience for our clients keeps us working seamlessly together and provide our couples with both the larger scene and the disarming power of their beauty.



An integral part of our art is the steadfast commitment to your experience. We wish to remain present, intentional, capture you at your best, and guide you every step of the way. There's nothing more humbling than human connection, it keeps us grounded and always on our toes. That is why we always aim to build a collaborative approach with our clients. We will make sure to be there for you a day prior to your event and brush up on the final details of your celebration, capture your welcome party, enjoy some time with you easing you into the process. Our experience enables us to anticipate things, and we are always happy to give you our input on how to get the best light and arrange things to make them glow. We have a keen eye for detail and composition and our work is to create beautiful & timeless images.

We understand how important is the fleeting moment and focus on capturing those standing tall, but also the quiet ones, where your silent glances speak the words. We love it when we witness a big embrace, a belly laugh, a calm nod or a non-rehearsed dance move. But there is gentle magic we have discovered: how shadows caress a bride's cheekbone, the nuances in a relationship, a garden soaked in light under mellow skies, a fluttering veil or a groom's cuffs buttoned, a ring your meemaw bestowed to you. They all recreate the sense of being there, and we want all of them in your images.

As every wedding's energy sources from within we wish you to look back at your images and realize what you love.