Luana & Guillaume | Creux-du-Van, Switzerland


Embracing this season’s alone-together vibes in dramatic vistas and portraiture in a harmonious dance between light and shade pretty much sums up the vision of our couple Luana and Guillaume, whose portrait shoot at Creux du Van in Neuchâtel chimes as the sweetest symphony. We set off on a paved road from Saint-Aubin-Sauges to the ferme du Soliat towards this naturally theatrical rocky cirque created right out of a glacier. Hemmed by lush forestry and dotted with crumbling arches and scoop-aching Ibexes (the mountain goat unique population in the region), we let ourselves get lulled into what felt as quintessential beauty: jaw-dropping views of crags and promontories, appealingly innocent and sweet light, and total romance!